After HDTV, the advanced video compression technology has again conquered the difficulties of carrying the crystal-like and immersive 3DTV over the existing broadcasting vehicles. As a leader in TV tuner industry, AVerMedia has developed 3DTV software to catch the trend and meet your desire for powerful eye-popping TV watching experience. Back to the basic, AVerMedia also has the most comprehensive broadcasting standard support to fulfill PCTV lovers around the world. You can easily find analog or digital TV tuners for your region for your laptop/desktop PC or Mac.
Your PC can be your entertainment center. AVerTV 3D and AVer MediaCenter 3D can maximize the entertainment power of your PC! Just install an AVerMedia TV tuner and the latest software, your PC is now a TV, PVR and even a game box when you connect video game console with the TV tuner card.
You can choose your favorite way to watching TV. AVerMedia prepares two TV watching software to fit in your lifestyle. AVerTV 3D integrates basic PCTV features such as TV, radio, TimeShift, electronic program guide, scheduled recording, AV-in support, picture-in-picture and etc. with classic and intuitive 2-foot user interface. On the contrary, AVer MediaCenter 3D also equips with those essential features but presents in a fresh and slick 10-foot user interface. The software are bundled with AVerMedia products according to the product
Just like the dilemmas between iPhone and Android phone, you can have tons of reasons to support or defend your preferred one. They gain traction for different features. AVerTV 3D and AVer MediaCenter 3D do share the fundamental functions; however, they are good at their own strengths. If you prefers openness, AVerTV 3D will be your choice. You can have different settings for each channel, customize mouse gesture, remap hotkeys on remote control and keyboard, and even write your own plug-in to create personal TV watching environment. If you are pursuing a leaning back enjoyment, you will love what AVer MediaCenter 3D provides. It was decorated with big icon and wizard-like setting design, so you can schedule a recording, browse the EPG or your recording gallery by the accompanying remote control easily. Plus, it supports multiple TV tuners or capture cards and allow you to watch the videos from different cards at the same time. For hardcore video gamers, it can help you preserve the crisp and clear HD in-game actions in H.264 format with 1080i/1080p resolution in real time.