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Wireless Teacher Microphone - AW313

Since every AW313 is paired out of the box, all you need to do is turn it on and start using it. If you need to re-pair them, simply turn off the microphone, then turn it on again. It will automatically search and detect the paired device. Wait until the Power LED goes from flashing green to solid green. Now your AW313 is ready to go.
You can charge the microphone through the micro USB port; the same as charging a cell phone. During charging, the indicator BATTY will flash in red/orange/green showing the current battery level; BATTY turns solid green when the battery is fully charged. Be sure to fully charge the microphone before first use or before storing it for an extended period of time.
It takes two to three hours to charge the battery from empty to full. The battery can last up to eight hours under normal continuous use.
We recommend wearing it as a clip-on or a pendant.

1.Clip-on: Use the back clip to secure the microphone onto your clothing. Point the microphone towards your mouth for better voice pickup.

2.Pendant: attach the lanyard to the microphone and wear it around your neck.

1) The microphone is most effective when worn within 6–8 inches (15–20 cm) from your mouth.
2) Due to the microphone’s antenna being at the bottom, holding the microphone is NOT recommended as it will cause signal instability and possibly signal dropouts
The microphone’s maximum working distance can reach 30 meters (98 ft) when there are no obstacles or interferences. In a normal environment, the maximum working distance is about 15 meters (49 ft).
Microphone Power LED
(a)Solid Green → Working
(b)Flashing Green → Not paired with receiver

Receiver Power LED
(a)Solid Green → Working
Flashing Green → Not paired with microphone
(a) Green → Good battery level.
(b) Orange → Low battery level, may last one to two hours.
(c) Red (flashing) → Critical battery level and require charging immediately.
The current version only supports one receiver to one microphone. The version with one receiver to multiple microphones is still in development.
AW313 is designed specifically for teacher/speaker with various voice signal optimizations, however this design will dampen the effect when used for music capturing. Therefore, we do NOT recommend using AW313 for non-speech-related purposes.
The common microphones on the market are mostly for close-range voice pickup and also require hand-holding close to your mouth. This design often causes hand strain after long period of use and hygiene issues with saliva, lipsticks on the windscreen. The microphones for long-range voice pickup also have serious issues with howling/feedback. Our AW313 is hands-free, long-range voice pickup with active howling suppression against speaker buzzing for an all-around better user experience.
Howling/feedback occurs when the sound of a speaker system are picked up by a microphone and routed back into the speaker system which forms a loop. The most commonly seen scenario is holding a microphone and singing too close to a speaker.
Stuttering/breaking sounds are mostly caused by unstable wireless signal. Please consider the following options to avoid such problem:
1. Due to the antenna being at the bottom of the microphone, do not hold the microphone and covering the antenna area to prevent stuttering sounds.
Obstacles such as walls weaken the signal strength, so we recommend using the wireless microphone and the receiver in the same room to avoid breaking sounds.
When howling occurs, please try the following:
(1) Turn down the speaker volume.
(2) Avoid standing in front of the speakers or facing the microphone to the speakers.
Have technician to check your audio system for possible sound delay or other audio signal processing, such as a mixer’s EQ setup or surround sound effects.
Each AW313 is paired out of the box and will not pair with other AW313s, so using multiple AW313s in the same classroom won’t cause any pairing issue. If you need to re-pair your AW313, the microphone will scan for a strongest signal from a receiver to pair with. The strength of the signal is affected by many factors, such as receiver’s position, angle, etc, so we recommend turning on and pairing AW313 one at a time.
There are two versions of Wireless Teacher Microphone (AW313), each with their own output format suitable for different audio systems.
1. Mic Out version: Suitable for rooms with built-in audio systems and 6.3 mm microphone jacks, such as classrooms, meeting rooms, etc.
2. Line Out version: Suitable for common speaker systems with 3.5 mm Line In jacks, such as Bluetooth speakers, etc.
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